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Why You Should Optimise your Website for Voice Search

With the number of devices offering voice controlled search on the up, you could be missing out on a whole lot of traffic if your site isn’t currently optimised for voice search.

With Google’s Voice Search, Microsoft’s Cortana, Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alex and Google Home, voice search is on the up. Currently, 50% of online searches are carried out by a mobile device, and 20% of those searches are voice searches.

Optimising for voice search is clearly important, as why wouldn’t you want to tap into that extra source of traffic? It doesn’t have to be super complex or take you ages to put into practice either.

Let me show you how to optimise your website for voice search, in just a few simple steps…


The Techy Bit…

Voice search is considered to continue to grow, with an estimated 50% of all searches being carried out via voice by 2020. That’s not even that far away…

The first step is to get your head around how voice search actually works, so that you can make sure your site is pinging up as a top result when people search by voice.

Voice search has two key elements – NLP, known as natural language processing, and text-to-speech technology. The tech behind it isn’t actually new, and it’s been in use since 2002. What is new is how mainstream smartphones are now, meaning we’re now using voice search more than we ever did previously.

When someone carries out a search via voice, the question is entered into a database, and then the algorithm gets to work matching the question to highly relevant answers. When it comes to Google, instead of showing the standard search engine results page (or SERPs), the answer box is shown. It is here that the NLP comes in, to help work out what the user’s intent is, and the context of the request.


How Voice Search is Different

At this point you might be thinking ‘how can I optimise my site for voice search? What’s the difference between doing that and optimising for normal keywords?’. The answer is that voice search queries tend to be a little different to typed queries, so in order to optimise for both typed queries and voice queries, you have to think about how people might search for things if they were speaking, instead of typing.

Voice searches tend to be more conversational, which does differ from text-based searches. As an example, if I wanted to look for a specialist fashion brand that provided clothing to those under 5”3 (like me!), I might search for ‘petite fashion brand’. If I was asking via voice search, I might say something like ‘find a fashion brand that offers a petite clothing range’. See, there’s a difference, a subtle one, but a difference that matters.

If you’re still not convinced of voice search, here are some stats, and everyone loves stats, right?

  1. 1.43% of people use it because they find it quicker/easier
  2. 2. 42% use it while they are driving or at other times that they can’t search manually
  3. 3. 38% find it a more enjoyable way to search.


Optimising for Voice Search

Optimise your website for voice search

Optimising for voice search ensures you’re not missing out on a whole lot of traffic. The more people that are able to find us when looking for our products our services, the more sales, conversions, bookings etc.

Here’s a few things you can do to make your site more searchable via voice…


1. Create new content specifically for voice search, or improve your current content

If you’ve worked on your on-site SEO before, it’s likely you’ve focused on a few target keywords, and optimised your content for these. You need to do the same again for voice search. If you’re not sure about disrupting/changing your current content, create a few new pieces of content specifically designed to drive traffic through voice search.

Consider your services and/or products, and think about what someone might say if they were looking for you and what you do. Make a note of these search phrases and create some content around that, such as blog posts.


2. Create lists

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to creating content for voice search, lists are a great option. Include questions (that people might use when searching for you) and answers in your list style posts, as an easy way to include your voice search phrases in your content.


4. Focus on long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords (search phrases that include five or more words) should generally be part of your SEO strategy anyway, but they are particularly important for voice search. Think about phrases and keywords that your customer might use in conversation, and focus on these.


5. Make sure that your mobile site is up to scratch

Your mobile site is super super important anyway, but if the mobile version of your site isn’t top notch it’s unlikely that you’ll rank well for voice search. You can use this tool to check if your website is mobile friendly, and understand what you might need to change to optimise for mobile.


If you’re yet to optimise your site for voice search, try introducing a few new blog posts to open up your search traffic. Just a few hours effort could encourage traffic from voice searches, and over time you can build up your content further to cover all areas of your business.

Have you already optimised your site for voice search? Comment and let others know how you got on, and if you have any further tips and tricks….

Up your Instagram Game: Take the Free 30-Day Challenge

Instagram can be an impressively powerful marketing tool when you get it right. Best of all, it’s completely free to use, and enables you to build a valuable and engaged audience. This is especially true for lifestyle focused businesses, from fashion, beauty and homeware brands, to life coaches, bridal boutiques and personal trainers, there’s a huge audience out there on Instagram just waiting for you…

The Lifestyle Marketing Hub 30-Day Challenge Explained…

The 30-day challenge has been designed to help you ensure that the energy that you’re putting into Instagram is worth while, so that it actually generates results. Instagram can seem confusing before you get your head around what you need to be doing. This challenge is right for you if you know you need to be posting daily, but often find yourself stuck over what to publish, or if you feel like you’re pushing content out, but you’re not moving forward.

With this 30-day challenge, I can teach you how to boost your profile day by day, to help you increase your interaction and build your valuable audience.

The 30-day challenge includes a short (two page) strategy planner, so that you can create a week long plan that you rotate through. Designed to deliver results, it just takes 20 minutes to fill out your strategy workbook, and is designed so that you can get maximum results, without having to spend all day on the photo sharing app.

You can download the free challenge below, which will teach you how to beat Instagram’s algorithms, help you understand what you should be posting and when, make creating powerful captions simple, and finally provides a 30-day process for you to follow, to get your Instagram working hard for your business.

To start your free challenge today, and get your Instagram converting, click the image below to access the free guide and workbook…

How to Triple Website Traffic with Pinterest: Free Course

Chances are you’ve already heard about just how amazing Pinterest can be when it comes to driving relevant traffic to your website. Tripling your traffic sounds amazing doesn’t it? But it’s only amazing if that traffic actually converts! I’m here to tell you that Pinterest can help you drive highly targeted traffic, so that you can increase brand awareness, and ultimately sales, and I can teach you how to do this for your own brand…

Why Pinterest Could be the Missing Puzzle Piece…

When it comes to digital marketing, you might feel like you already have everything covered – you’re on social media, you have a healthy mailing list, and you’ve got great call to actions on your website. Let me tell you that just by introducing a simple strategy using Pinterest, you could triple your website traffic. Pinterest has an audience of 200 million users every month, and in using the platform, it’s possible to be super strategic and target your ideal customer.

I can show you how to tap into this audience, and reach customers you’ve never reached before, to turn Pinterest traffic into converting traffic.

Growing your website traffic using Pinterest doesn’t have to be super time consuming either. As long as you’re already producing content for your website, Pinterest could make it work even harder, driving more traffic and generating more sales. You can set up everything you need in as little as two hours, and spend just 30 minutes a week growing or maintaining your Pinterest account.

Below you will find my full guide to tripling your website traffic using Pinterest. Here you will find a full explanation of how Pinterest works and how you can achieve highly targeted traffic, as well as a step by step guide to setting up your account and creating a Pinterest strategy that will deliver results.

Click the image below to access the guide…

How to Use Instagram Polls to Shape your Content Marketing Strategy

How to Use Instagram Polls

With so many tools right at your finger tips, are you making the most of what’s available to you? One of the most powerful tools that can help you fine tune your content marketing strategy is Instagram polls. Providing you with an amazing opportunity that’s simple to execute, Instagram polls can help you shape your strategy for your audience, to generate bigger and better results.

If you’ve already started to develop your audience on Instagram this is a great start. This means you already have an audience in place (no matter how big or small), to help you better understand exactly what it is that your target market wants from you.

Ready to get started with Instagram polls and take your strategy to the next level? Read on to find out how to start making the most out of the polls feature for your business…


Instagram Polls Explained

The polls feature can be found via Instagram stories. If you’re not already utilizing Instagram stories, then start today! They enable you to get more eyes on your content, and if you have over 10k followers, you can also add links to your stories, which is pretty much Instagram gold.

Instagram polls presents a great opportunity – you can increase engagement with your audience, while learning more about them and what they want from you. Using Instagram polls, you can ask your audience questions that you want to know the answer too, collect essential data, and shape your marketing plan as a result.

Now you might be thinking, well I can just do that via email, or whatever other channel, but it’s just not the same. Think about how many people would actually sit down and respond to an email that asked them various questions, maybe about 2% of your audience? With Instagram stores it’s different. The poll option makes it so easy to select an answer with just one tap. As your audience are flicking through their latest stories, they simply tap to answer to your question, probably without even thinking about why you’re asking it in the first place.

Instagram stories are quick, so you have to answer quickly. Each mini video only runs for a number of seconds, making people more likely to reply spontaneously to questions and polls. Let me explain further how this feature can help you…

If you’re a fashion brand for example, and you have particular line of product that isn’t doing very well, you might ask your audience if they are even aware of that product. As people start to answer, the results will be measured in a percentage – for example 30% said yes, and 70% said no.

So what does this tell you? It tells you that for some reason, that particular product is getting lost in all the noise. Perhaps you’re not promoting it as well as you should be, or maybe your audience sees you as offering XYZ, but not ABC, meaning a shift in the way you market your brand might be necessary.

Have a think about what questions you could ask your audience that might help you improve your offering. To get started using Instagram polls, simply click to create/publish a story in the top left hand corner of your home page feed. Add a photo as the background or just a background colour, click the smiley face icon to select the poll option and type out your question. You can also change the answers from ‘yes’ and ‘no’ to whatever you want your answer options to be.


The Next Steps

How to Use Instagram Polls

Now that you’ve taken the necessary steps to make your audience more aware of a particular product or element of your business, keep it in their minds. The beauty of Instagram polls is that you’re engaging with your audience in a completely new way, so while you’ve got that engagement, use it.

Next share your product on your stories, tell them what it is and where to find it. If you can add links to your stories, tell them to swipe up to find out more. If you don’t have access to this feature yet, tell them to head to your bio and click the link.

Follow up again, and share another story with an exclusive promo code. The code should just be valid for the specific product you’ve been focusing on, and for your Instagram followers, as a thank you for engaging with your stories.

If things still aren’t picking up, consider running another poll, asking your audience what their opinion on the product is.

All of this provides valuable data, helping you to constantly fine tune what you are doing. If there’s a gap in your business, it might just mean that you’re not marketing it enough, or in the right way. You can use the data that you collect to find out why certain products or services might not be performing as well as others. In addition, it will help you continue to polish up your offering, so that you’re providing your audience with exactly what they want from you.


Don’t Stop There

Now that you’ve started utilizing Instagram stories and polls, make this part of your content marketing strategy. You’re asking your audience what they want, so give it to them. Keep them engaged with your brand and interested in your products/services.

Keep posting polls too. Of course don’t bombard your audience with polls, but sharing one once a week is a great way to keep up your engagement levels. Plus it will help you to keep improving your offering to your audience, so it benefits everyone.

Instagram polls present a great way to increase engagement with your audience, and get to know what they really want from you. Work them into your weekly marketing plan, alongside stories to keep engagement levels high.

If you’re interested in taking my 30-day Instagram challenge, designed to help you grow your followers and increase engagement, click here:

Have you already started using Instagram polls and stories? Comment and share your experiences so far, or post any questions you might have below.

How to Create More Impact with your Content

Create more impact with your content

Content marketing is certainly a buzzword when it comes to building and growing brands in the lifestyle industries. Because of this, it can feel like you should be creating unique content to put out everyday. When you’re creating content for the sake of it though, it can lose all meaning. Soon you’ll find yourself becoming overwhelmed as you try to come up with new ideas all the time. Meanwhile, you’re also underwhelmed by the level of impact your content creation is achieving.

Does this sound familiar?

I’m here to tell you to stop what you’re doing. As you end up going round and round in circles, making little progress, think about whether you could be doing something differently…

Let me show you how flipping what you do on it’s head could create the impact that you’ve been looking for…


Create Less Content, Share More

This approach is actually really simple and effective, you just have to change your mindset when it comes to content creation. Here’s how:

Instead of putting all your energy into creating endless content streams, focus on promoting that content. If you currently spend eight hours a week producing three or four pieces of content, and one hour promoting it, flip this round. Instead spend two to three hours a week producing content, and the rest of your time promoting it. This will result in more traffic, more eyes on your content, and more conversions, which is probably what you’ve been working towards all along.


The Fear of Oversharing

Create More Impact with your Content

Where we are going wrong is assuming it’s only acceptable to share a new piece of content once. This couldn’t be further from the truth. When it comes to promoting your content, social media, your email list and your own website should be at the forefront of your strategy.

What most of us do when we create a new piece of content is share it once, on just a few platforms, and leave it to get swallowed up by the rest of the noise. Of course this results in just a few clicks, maybe a share, maybe one conversion, but your content could be working so much harder.

Algorithms, the time you post and a bunch of other factors mean that around only 7% of your followers see your posts. This means that even if you share the same content ten times, you still won’t reach your entire audience. When there are so many users that could benefit from the content you’re creating, it only seems fair to make sure that they get the chance to see it.

The same goes for your email newsletters – only a small percentage of your mailing list will actually read each email that you send out.

Finally, you could be pushing your blog posts and opt-in freebies harder on your website too. Every time you create a new blog post, link back to relevant blog posts and freebies within it, to grow your email list and keep people engaged with your content. I’m going to do it myself at the end of this post.

You can also be sure that I’ll publish this post several times across my social media, and not just in the coming weeks either. This blog post is evergreen, in that it will be relevant for a long time. The more content you can create like this the better. This leaves you with content that stays relevant to your audience, that you can keep sharing so that everyone who might find it helpful will find it.


Repurpose your Content

I’m not necessarily saying that you should re-share the same blog posts and freebies with the same images and captions over and over. For anyone landing on your Instagram feed this isn’t going to look great. Instead you should repurpose your content.

This means creating new visuals, captions and emails, to ensure your feeds still look interesting and relevant, while making the content you already have go further. Don’t be afraid to share the same piece of content several times in one month, or to promote a freebie you created over a year ago. All of the content you have created could be working so much harder for you, and as long as it’s still relevant to your audience, it can continue to bring in leads even years after you’ve created it.


Focusing your Content Marketing Strategy

Now that you have changed your mindset when it comes to content creation for your business, it’s time to pin down your strategy. You can create a set routine for each week, which will ensure you make the most out of your content, with minimum effort. It might look a little something like this:

– Spend an hour creating a content plan for your week. This should include your social media posts, your email marketing, and time to produce just one new piece of content.

– Spend 3-4 hours creating a new blog post or freebie. Focus on quality, rather than quantity, and if possible create a piece of content that you can share for a long time to come.

– Next create content for your social media. Create new visuals and captions to promote older content, as well as for your new piece of content. If you are publishing on average two social media posts a day across four channels, this shouldn’t take more than an hour or two.

– Schedule all your content. I can’t stress enough just how much time this saves, plus you’ll never forget to publish a post as it’s all automated. Sit down and spend an hour scheduling all of your content across your various channels, don’t forget to use your analytics to find the best times to post. You can even schedule Pinterest pins and Facebook group posts, so that you don’t have to anything manually.

– If an email newsletter is part of your content marketing plan for the week, include a section with a link to a blog post or a freebie. The whole focus of the email doesn’t have to be on this piece of content, but when you’re emailing your mailing list about something else, it’s always a good idea to include a little push to a relevant piece of content at the end.

Remember to keep things interesting – don’t just focus on promoting via your various channels. In regards to social media, if you publish posts daily consider this approach: Three content promo posts, two inspirational/motivational post, two product posts and two posts that features you.

Change your focus and you’ll start to see the kind of response you’ve been looking for. Stop focusing on creating, and instead focus on promoting. Don’t be afraid to push your content out to your audience again and again. If you’re happy enough to publish a piece of content on your website, you should be happy enough to put it in front of your entire audience. The only way to reach your entire audience is to promote it multiple times. Do this and you’ll really start to see just how powerful content marketing can be…


If you’d like to learn how you can triple your traffic using Pinterest and take your content marketing to the next level, you can access my free guide here:

How do you approach your content marketing, and what have you found success in? Comment and share your own experiences…

7 Simple Ways to Grow your Mailing List Fast

A mailing list of engaged people who are interested in your services is a seriously powerful tool. When first starting out, many entrepreneurs don’t realise just how brilliant a strong mailing list can be. Obviously you’re somewhat aware of this, otherwise you wouldn’t be here right now…

Whether you know how impactful an engaged mailing list can be or you’re just getting your head around how this can help your business, knowing how to start building your mailing list can be tricky.

Mailing list benefits…

In building a mailing list, you are creating an audience that you can engage and interact with, and even sell to, right through their inbox. The more your mailing list grows the more impact you will find this has on your business. With a great list, you can keep your audience interested in what you are doing, provide them with great deals and promos, and keep reminding them how you can help, which all results in more traffic and more sales.

I can show you how to build a powerful list that can create an impressive impact for your lifestyle business. With minimum input, and clever strategy, you can build a list of engaged customers that will continue to grow, as well as increase your sales.

Getting started…

If you’re yet to start building your mailing list, or you’ve never done much to really push it, now is a better time than ever to focus on creating a great list. Knowing where to start and how to create those signups can be tricky, which is why I’m here to show you how you can build your mailing list.

There are seven different proven methods, some of which are better suits to some businesses than others. The good news is that there’s something that will work for your lifestyle business, to help you generate signups, and signups that matter.

If you’re ready to get started with building your email list, my guide below will give you exclusive access to proven methods to grow your list fast. Far from complex, difficult to implement or tricky to get your head around, these are all simple methods that you can use in your lifestyle business, to build an engaged list of people that love what you do.

Click the image below to access the guide…

Join the Weekly LMH Follow Loop: Grow your Followers on Instagram

Imagine if you could simply post an image on Instagram that would deliver lots of followers in just one hit. I’m not talking about any old followers either, as what would be the point in that? I mean followers that are genuinely interested in what you do, and will be an asset to your Instagram account and your business.

Every week I am hosting the Lifestyle Marketing Hub follow loop. All you need to do to join in is post the loop image and the caption. You can then engage with other LMH users via the dedicated hashtag, or simply sit back and watch your follow count going up.

Discover the details, and the content to copy and paste below…

The Details…

You can join in with the LMH follow loop as many times as you like. The loop will be hosted every week, and will run for 48 hours. You can post at any time during the 48 hours, and when the loop is finished, simply archive your post, and join in again the following week should you wish.

Time: the loop starts at 6pm every Sunday (BST) and will run until 6pm on Tuesday.

Hashtag: use this hashtag to view all other LMH follow loop posts and connect with like-minded business owners, bloggers and more


Simply screen shot the image and copy and paste the caption to join in.

The Content…


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1. Follow the host @eilidhmacraemedia
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