Facebook Launches Brand Collabs Manager: Connecting Influencers & Brands

Facebook Brand Collabs Manager

Influencer marketing is now one of the key strategies to gain a bigger reach and create an engaged audience online. Particularly influential in the lifestyle industries, influencers present a great opportunity to tap into a highly targeted audience.

Facebook is looking to help facilitate this, by creating a platform specifically designed to help brands and influencers collaborate. Now live and accessible via the social media site, Facebook’s ‘Brand Collabs Manager’ could be a game changer when it comes to creating and managing influencer marketing campaigns.

With influencer marketing largely surrounding social media, it was only a matter of time before one of the mainstream platforms caught on to this opportunity. Can Brand Collabs Manager help you grow your business though, and is it even relevant to what you do? Read on to find out…

How Brand Collabs Manager Works

Facebook Brand Collabs Manager

The new platform will make finding and working with highly relevant influencers that little bit easier. The dashboard will include features, such as enabling you to search for relevant influencers, as well as making sorting through potential influencers simple. The search results will include a short bio, an image of the influencer, a percentage that indicates how good the match is, their focus industry, and how many followers that influencer has.

When you click on individual profiles, you’ll be able to expand the information that you can access further. This will include more details on who they are and their audience, where they are based, their preferred contact method and links to their website/blog.

In addition, brands will be able to view the users previous collaborations and the data connected to these. In order for an influencer to show up as a highlighted profile, the influencer will have to ‘like’ the brands Facebook page.

Influencers will be able to create their own profiles, specifically for Brand Collabs. They will be able to add their media kits and videos should they choose to, and are able to do this once they have signed up to Brand Collabs Manager as an influencer.


Brand Collabs Manager Benefits

Facebook Brand Collabs Manager

Thus far, many brands that have experimented with influencer marketing may have felt like they were stabbing in the dark. Unless you hire a professional to run your influencer marketing campaign for you, when you’re trying to arrange everything yourself, you might have found mixed results.

There are problems in the industry, such as influencers that have purchased followers, but Brand Collabs Manager does go a little way to get around these issues. With data surrounding previous campaigns accessible at the click of a button, the platform will enable business owners to be more strategic about the influencers that they choose to work with.

There are always new measures being put in place to protect everyone involved in influencer marketing. From consumers, influencers and the brands themselves, laws, rules and regulations are there to ensure everyone gets a fair deal. Facebook’s new feature will help to work towards better influencer marketing campaigns, as the platform will be able to police the users, and eliminate any brands or influencers that do not meet requirements, such as those with fake followers.

In addition, the platform also makes influencer marketing more accessible. Often as entrepreneurs, particularly when we are just starting out, we try to juggle everything ourselves. We don’t have the budget to pay someone to put together an influencer campaign, or the budget to waste on campaigns that didn’t work out. Brand Collabs Manager makes it easier to connect with influencers ourselves, and set up campaigns of actual meaning to deliver results.


Getting Started with Brand Collabs Manager

Facebook Brand Collabs Manager

Facebook is slowly but surely making the platform accessible to all. You have to join a waiting list, but once you’re approved it could be a great tool to help you introduce influencer marketing to your strategy, in an affordable way. Join the waiting list for Facebook’s Brand Collabs Manager here.

Once you’ve been accepted, start small and get familiar with the platform. Start to browse influencers and create a shortlist of those that you’re interested in working with. The platform creates a great opportunity to make connections and build relationships, so look at it from this angle to begin with.

There are so many great opportunities for lifestyle brands when it comes to influencer marketing. Take your time to find an influencer that really aligns with your brand though. It can feel like you have to be doing influencer marketing just because everyone else is. In choosing influencers that are low quality or not as aligned with your brand as they could be, you’ll just end up wasting money.

Brand Collab Manager is a great place to start. Once you’re approved have a little look around, start reaching out and making connections, until you find the perfect influencer to help you drive your brand forward.

What are your experiences with influencer marketing so far? Maybe you’ve had a campaign really take off, or maybe you’re had a bad experience? Comment and share your views…

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