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Imagine if you could simply post an image on Instagram that would deliver lots of followers in just one hit. I’m not talking about any old followers either, as what would be the point in that? I mean followers that are genuinely interested in what you do, and will be an asset to your Instagram account and your business.

Every week I am hosting the Lifestyle Marketing Hub follow loop. All you need to do to join in is post the loop image and the caption. You can then engage with other LMH users via the dedicated hashtag, or simply sit back and watch your follow count going up.

Discover the details, and the content to copy and paste below…

The Details…

You can join in with the LMH follow loop as many times as you like. The loop will be hosted every week, and will run for 48 hours. You can post at any time during the 48 hours, and when the loop is finished, simply archive your post, and join in again the following week should you wish.

Time: the loop starts at 6pm every Sunday (BST) and will run until 6pm on Tuesday.

Hashtag: use this hashtag to view all other LMH follow loop posts and connect with like-minded business owners, bloggers and more


Simply screen shot the image and copy and paste the caption to join in.

The Content…


🌟The Lifestyle Biz Owner follow loop🌟
The only follow loop created specifically for lifestyle business owners, bloggers and lifestyle brands ✌️ Join the loop from either your personal account or your business account, or both, to gain valuable followers and connect with other biz owners, girl bosses and entrepreneurs 💕 To join follow these simple steps:
1. Follow the host @eilidhmacraemedia
2. Click this hashtag and follow the accounts that inspire you: #LifestyleBizFL
3. Like the photo and comment with a short description about yourself or your business (5-10 words) on each post, to show that you have followed the account
4. To join, repost this content – simply head to @eilidhmacraemedia – click the link in the bio to screen shot the image and copy and paste the caption to post.
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