Up your Instagram Game: Take the Free 30-Day Challenge

Instagram can be an impressively powerful marketing tool when you get it right. Best of all, it’s completely free to use, and enables you to build a valuable and engaged audience. This is especially true for lifestyle focused businesses, from fashion, beauty and homeware brands, to life coaches, bridal boutiques and personal trainers, there’s a huge audience out there on Instagram just waiting for you…

The Lifestyle Marketing Hub 30-Day Challenge Explained…

The 30-day challenge has been designed to help you ensure that the energy that you’re putting into Instagram is worth while, so that it actually generates results. Instagram can seem confusing before you get your head around what you need to be doing. This challenge is right for you if you know you need to be posting daily, but often find yourself stuck over what to publish, or if you feel like you’re pushing content out, but you’re not moving forward.

With this 30-day challenge, I can teach you how to boost your profile day by day, to help you increase your interaction and build your valuable audience.

The 30-day challenge includes a short (two page) strategy planner, so that you can create a week long plan that you rotate through. Designed to deliver results, it just takes 20 minutes to fill out your strategy workbook, and is designed so that you can get maximum results, without having to spend all day on the photo sharing app.

You can download the free challenge below, which will teach you how to beat Instagram’s algorithms, help you understand what you should be posting and when, make creating powerful captions simple, and finally provides a 30-day process for you to follow, to get your Instagram working hard for your business.

To start your free challenge today, and get your Instagram converting, click the image below to access the free guide and workbook…

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